IndustryWinding down the year with Fiona and Vincent

Winding down the year with Fiona and Vincent

Each year we share special memories created by custodians Vincent and Fiona to celebrate personal milestones they have reached as a family. Also, they share what Saxenburg wines they enjoyed in their wine glasses the most throughout the year.

A quick catch-up with Fiona & Vincent Bührer

2021 was a year of family for Fiona

Motherhood is the gift that keeps on giving and Fiona became a mother for the 3rd time. She continues to passionately manage Saxenburg Wine Estate in some of the most exciting times for our industry. Furthermore, she continues to try to push the envelope for Syrah as a whole for our Estate while spending time with her family and raising her 3 beautiful children. 

Vincent tied the knot and expanded our international footprint
Vincent got married after postponing the wedding for 2 years – he remembers this celebration as the most beautiful moment in his life. He also focused on forging relationships with international wineries, as he strives to grow our community on a global level and learn from colleagues across the world. 

Together they have been working on creating a narrative and framework to promote their belief in the Polkadraai Hills appellation by bringing together producers from the appellation and  planing exciting events for 2022.

What did we fill our wineglasses with this year?


2nd Generation Syrah 2020

Our biggest efforts goes into producing the most incredible Shiraz Select and Private Collection Syrah each year, expressive of our incredible terroir, which is perfectly suited for the Syrah varietal in a family business its important that each generation leaves its mark and builds on the achievements of the former. With this limited release wines we want to achieve two things: creative freedom in the cellar to explore ways in which to vinify and showcase this extraordinary grape produce limited releases for our wine club community. I am very happy with the creation of our first expression of this wine. This wine is exclusively available to our wine club members, and is available in our latest Wine Club case.


Saxenburg Shiraz Select 2015

One of my favourite moments in life is sharing a special bottle of wine. I open our Saxenburg Shiraz Select 2015 on some of the most special occasions, sharing it with friends. Their excitement and enjoyment is the biggest sense of joy and pride for me personally. I am truly delighted with this expression of our much coveted SSS and that we managed to capture it so well in this exceptional 2015 vintage.

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