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Our Story

The Bührer Family

When Adrian and Birgit Bührer took ownership of Saxenburg in 1989, the farm — and South Africa as a nation — was in dire need of rejuvenation. Thanks to their grit and unflappable perseverance, they tenaciously stuck to their vision.

They traded their familiar surroundings of Switzerland for a dilapidated homestead in the Cape Winelands. While they brought a sweeping change to the estate, the success of the farm is thanks to the entire team.

We set off in 1989 with a vow to become one of the best Shiraz producers in South Africa. Today we can proudly say that we’ve achieved so much more.

First Custodians

Adrian and Birgit Bührer

Current Custodians

Vincent Bührer and Fiona Bührer

Our Guinea Fowl

The heart, the mind and the soul of Saxenburg

While they may not be the most regal of animals, the three guinea fowl that adorn our emblem have become symbolic of our philosophy at Saxenburg.

Found in great numbers in the region, they represent a heart which burns with the passion consistently creating the finest wine year after year; the mind, which keeps the heart in check by making the best, most informed decision at every juncture; and lastly – the soul, which binds knowledge and passion together.

A brief history of Saxenburg

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First Class


Saxenburg Shiraz Select is served on Swiss Air First Class flights.
Quality Driven


Replanting of a large portion of the vineyard focusing on Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

The Manor House


The Saxenburg homestead was built and had uncommon features for the time. The stoep (veranda) covered only one-third of the façade, with a high flight of stairs leading up to it. The front door did not boast a fanlight, which was a common feature at the time and the gable was considered unique with its flowing, understated outline.

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