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Saxenburg Shiraz Select

Where it all started

Adrian Bührer had the vision to produce an icon wine to best represent Saxenburg and South African wines, locally and internationally. He then decided to produce word-class Shiraz to compete with wines from countries like France and Australia, where this varietal dominated.


This was the start of the rewarding journey of creating the Shiraz Select collection. From the vineyard to the cellar, our tenacity and intent will always be to continue producing this particular fine wine collection with passion and attentiveness.

A piece of history

Upon its first release in 1998, the wine was considered the most expensive of its kind at R350 per bottle in South Africa.

Later on, it was also the first bottle of wine ever to sell for R500 per bottle in South Africa.

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Fine Wine


Our hands-on approach during the entire life cycle of this wine means the end result is uncompromised perfection.

We are meticulous when treating and selecting the best vineyards to produce the finest wine in each vintage.

Enjoyed by wine enthusiasts


Our Shiraz Select is listed in top-rated restaurants in the world, including Michelin Star restaurants.

This wine can be enjoyed by first-class passengers traveling on international airlines.



Limited to a specific release


This wine is exclusively released in optimal years and we only source grapes from prime vineyards on the farm.

We limit our release to only the stand-out vintages with limited bottles produced.




Uncompromised Value


We spare no expense when working with the grapes in the cellar.

Premium barrels are selected from leading cooperage suppliers to age these wines to their best potential.



Shiraz Select
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