IndustryA Unique Experience For Your Wine

A Unique Experience For Your Wine

With over 40 years of research and development into discovering how the shape and size of your wine glass impacts your perception of aroma and flavour, it’s fair to say that Riedel are the experts in designing products to maximise enjoyment. Read on to find out how your wine glass can change your wine life…

A wine will display completely different characteristics when served in different glasses. These differences can be so vast that when the same wine is served in several different glasses, even experienced wine connoisseurs believe that they are tasting as many different wines as there are glasses. Grape varietals carry in their DNA unmistakable flavour profiles, and the size and shape of your glass will impact how you perceive them. Riedel creates glassware that specifically enhances a wine’s harmony and highlights its unique characteristics.

The Riedel Vinium Collection

Choosing to use one glass for all varieties of wine means you are making a compromise, as a wine’s bouquet, taste, balance and finish are all affected by the shape of the glass from which it is consumed. Vinum is RIEDEL’s basic grape varietal specific series. It was created by 10th generation glassmaker Georg J. Riedel to ensure every wine lover could afford greater wine enjoyment.  Developed with great passion and based on Georg’s well-founded specialist knowledge, Vinum has become RIEDEL’s best-selling glassware series.

The series is produced by machine in lead-free crystal glass and sold in sets of two

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