Wine ClubIt’s Here! Saxenburg’s New “Heritage Collection” Wine Club Case

It’s Here! Saxenburg’s New “Heritage Collection” Wine Club Case

It is that time of year again to present our latest Wine Club release, the “Heritage Collection,” which celebrates the rich legacy and heritage of Saxenburg Wine Estate and the family behind the name. This special collection is curated to offer a unique tasting experience that blends the history of Saxenburg with an exclusive heritage wine from the Buhrer’s private library.

This collection is special because three of the wines in this case are exclusively available to our wine club members and one wine is only in this wine club case (and not available to purchase). The inclusion of Château Capion Le Juge 2008 from the Buhrer’s previous farm in France is a unique feature, allowing members to taste a piece of our family’s history. The collection reflects the exceptional terroir and Syrah production that both Saxenburg and Château Capion are known for, bridging the heritage of two significant wine regions.

Château Capion features a limestone and clay terroir that enhances its wines’ complexity and balance. The limestone offers excellent drainage, promoting deep root growth, while the clay retains moisture, ensuring steady hydration. This contrasts with Saxenburg’s Polkadraai Hills terroir, characterized by granite and shale soils. Saxenburg’s granite soils contribute structure and finesse of the wines.

Saxenburg’s Legacy

Saxenburg Wine Estate has a rich and storied legacy, deeply rooted in the history and traditions of South African winemaking. Our commitment to quality and excellence is evident in every bottle we produce. Over the years, Saxenburg has become synonymous with exceptional Syrah, a varietal that thrives in our unique climate and soil. The estate has been a labour of love for the Buhrer family, who have worked tirelessly to maintain its legacy and ensure its future.

The inclusion of Château Capion Le Juge 2008 in this collection is a testament to our deep-rooted connections and our desire to share the Buhrer family’s journey with our wine club members. The restoration of Château Capion is a reflection of their dedication to preserving history and creating something beautiful out of the past that we can enjoy to this day. This passion is mirrored in their work at Saxenburg, where every vine and every bottle is a piece of their legacy.

What’s Inside the Heritage Collection Case?

Family Series 2nd Generation Syrah 2021

This vintage is a tribute to the second-generation proprietors of Saxenburg, symbolizing the transition and continuation of our legacy. It’s a reflection of our dedication to crafting exceptional Syrah that stands the test of time.

Family Series Winemaker’s Red Blend 2020

A perfect red blend crafted to embody the skill and tradition of Saxenburg’s winemaking expertise.

Family Series Winemaker’s Blend 2022

Another exceptional red blend, showcasing the evolving artistry of our wines. This blend brings together the best characteristics of our varietals to create a harmonious and enjoyable wine.

Château Capion Le Juge 2008

For the first time in Saxenburg’s history, we are including a heritage piece from the Buhrer’s previous wine farm in Aniane, France. Le Juge 2008 is a distinguished wine from Château Capion, reflecting the incredible terroir and Syrah production that the Buhrer family has cherished. The Buhrers purchased the farm in 1996. The Buhrer children, including our current proprietor Fiona, spent half of their childhood at Saxenburg and the other half at this enchanting farm in France. The terroir at Château Capion, much like Saxenburg, is renowned for its exceptional Syrah production.

Private Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

A brand-new vintage, this Cabernet Sauvignon is robust and perfect for the winter season, providing warmth and richness. It showcases the depth and complexity that our terroir can offer, making it an ideal wine for cozy evenings.

Private Collection Pinotage 2020

A classic Vinoteque Pinotage, aged to perfection, offering deep flavours that are ideal for enjoying by the fire during the colder months. This wine highlights the distinctive characteristics of South African Pinotage, a varietal that Saxenburg has long been proud to produce.

Warm up this winter with Saxenburg’s Heritage Collection – a testament to our past, present, and future in winemaking.

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