TeamSales with Stature – Meet our new National Sales Manager, Kyle Zulch
Sales Manager

Sales with Stature – Meet our new National Sales Manager, Kyle Zulch

Each season gives room for change and Vincent and Fiona, together with their team, are delighted to welcome Kyle Zulch as our new National Sales Manager. We’ve asked him a few questions to share more about him with the Saxenburg community.

Q1: Where did your passion for wine started?

My passion for wine started at a very young age – long before I was able to enjoy a glass. It was on a trip to the Cape Winelands at the age of 14, that I simply fell in love with the art of winemaking and farming as a whole. Fast forward a few years, to 2005, and after a year of Business Management studies at Tuks in Pretoria (My hometown), I packed my bags and headed for the Winelands – in the pursuit of my winemaking and farming career. I quickly found myself loving life at Elsenburg (Cape Institute for agricultural training) and enveloped myself with all things wine and agriculture, focusing on wine production, viticulture, and pomology. 

Q2: How did you get involved with the wine industry?

My first introduction to the industry was at a boutique winery in Helderberg, and this was my true passion for handcrafted artisanal wine production exploded. They offered small niche productions from nothing but the finest fruit. This was the first stepping stone in my journey; lasting 2 years.

I quickly gained traction within the industry and spread my wings on a new adventure, opening my own winery within the heart of the Cape Town CBD. An incredibly exciting project, which had me producing wines from our urban vineyards based in Camps Bay, Kalk Bay and Oranjezicht. I was also entrusted by the Cape Heritage Trust to look after the old vines within the city bowl, in particular the super-iconic 1771 vineyard in Heritage square;  which I was privileged enough to make two vintages from – a total of 60L Crouchen Blanc. Rolling barrels down Long-street and fine wine dinners became the norm – a truly unforgettable experience and chapter in my wine career.

After my Urban Winery adventure, I longed for the “plaas” (farm) and quickly found myself moving to another small wine boutique in Stellenbosch. Wine, vineyards, lavender, and pomegranates were the focus of this next chapter. During this time, I was honoured to be working with some of the most avant-garde vineyards in the world, exposing myself to a whole new world when talking about Terroir. Loved every second of it, but the time came for a new challenge.

At this stage, after spending 16 years within the wine industry, and having been fortunate enough to hone my skills across the entire value chain, my focus changed to sales and brand management. 

Q3: What is your favourite Saxenburg wine?

The Saxenburg Shiraz Select (hands down).

Q4: What are you most excited about joining the Saxenburg team?

April 2022 saw me starting my new role with Saxenburg Wine Estate, as the National Sales Manager. Saxenburg is a winery I have personally loved the wines since the first time I tasted the iconic SSS (Saxenburg Shiraz Select) 13 years ago at a fine wine dinner. I am extremely excited to be part of this young, innovative, and dynamic team, and look forward to being part of its winning strategy moving forward. Trust me, watch this space!

Q5: Favourite wine quote which you live by?

“Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever.” ― Aristophanes

Q6: What do you enjoy as hobbies?

I enjoy collecting fine wines, trail running, hiking and photography 

Q7: What do you consider a “perfect day”?

Good wine, good food and good people!

We’re excited for Kyle to start this exciting journey with us. We are confident that he and his sales team will grow our national footprint to higher hights!

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