Here at Saxenburg wine estate we are of the opinion that there is nothing more important to us than our family and friends. As an extension we feel that you, our loyal supporters, have become a part of our ever- expanding Saxenburg family. In recognition of this we have curated our Wine Club so as not to be just a means of discounts and special benefits but rather to make you feel like an integral part of the Saxenburg experience. We would like to involve you in all of our exciting news and give you the updates on interesting Saxenburg encounters. We see a shared passion for fine wine in you and we would like to recognise, encourage and reward that passion.

Each wine order will come with its own information kit including: 

  • Tasting Notes for each wine
  • Winery updates
  • Food and wine pairings

An experience you won't forget

Experience is everything and here at Saxenburg we want to make your experience come alive with every purchase.