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A chat with Vincent

June 1, 2018

From growing up on the farm as one of 5 of the Bührer children, Vincent keeps the estate close to heart and shares his stories and hopes for the future.

What are you currently working on with regards to Saxenburg?

In 2016 we put in place a 5-year plan, outlining our strategy for the coming years, with the endeavour to produce the best Shiraz in South Africa and have consistency in the quality of our wines, which can only be better by the underlying vintage itself.

Our focus lies on intensive viticulture, a small but highly skilled and qualified team, “doing everything ourselves” as in our own sales and distribution, growing our direct to consumer channels, creating a special experience to all of those who visit the farm, whether to taste our wines, eat at the restaurant or stay at the guesthouses. 

What makes the wines and this estate stand out above others to you?

Although we aware of what happens around us, we make a point of being in competition mostly with ourselves. We try to set our own benchmark and to be our own critique. We pay careful attention to what our customers around the world give us for feedback and try to incorporate what we can, provided it falls in line with our vision. I think we can pride ourselves for the consistency in the quality of our wines.

Which wine do you believe has to be tasted when visiting the estate? And why?

Visiting the Estate is of course always the ultimate experience when tasting our wines. After all, “Wine is a place”, and the Sauvignon Blanc simply tastes its best when one is looking at the setting sun behind table mountain, and the Shiraz makes most sense, when discovering the decomposed granite hills found on Saxenburg.

Anything in particular you would recommend guests to do whilst there?

In 2017 we gave our guest apartments a complete overhaul and have received very kind and encouraging feedback from our visitors. I think it’s great to visit for a tasting, stay for a delicious food and wine pairing meal at the Grill Room restaurant and then spend the night – that way you’ve had the full experience. 

What big things does the future hold for Saxenburg?

We are making a point of surrounding ourselves with highly qualified and passionate people, who love this industry as much as we do and with whom we strive to carry a strong message to the world.

South African wine easily competes on the world stage. We are growing our local and international footprint, with the US being our main focus this year and next. We are planting new vineyards in specifically earmarked areas around the farm, adding Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. 

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